Principal Resigns After Allowing Gay Hate Group To Perform Concert At School

After the gay rant heard around the world by a group called Junkyard Prophet to young children at Iowa’s Dunkerton High School, made national headlines, the principal Mike Copper, as decided to resign. Junkyard Prophet, associated with the ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, played a concert for students. But after the music stopped, the drummer and preacher Bradlee Dean, went on a hate filled speech about gays, AIDS, Lady Gaga, and Elton John while throwing out absurd statistics such as “Most gay men die by 42, and they are not born gay.”

The rant was recorded and put on Youtube. Now the principal of the school will resign following the end of the school year. Iowa’s Superintendent of Schools Jim Stanton criticized Cooper for allowing the assembly and said that the concert “didn’t conform to the district’s teaching of tolerance.” Stanton claimed that Cooper’s resignation was for other reasons and had been planned in advance of the controversial issue. “He simply wants to be a superintendent,” is all he would say.

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