Gay Minnesota Politician Engaged in Oral Sex with a Teenager

Badge Society LGBT NewsDemocratic Minnesota politician, Kerry Gauthier, dropped his re-election bid after having oral sex with a 17 year-old boy at a Thompson Hill rest stop near Duluth.

Gauthier’s decision came after multiple conversations with Democratic leaders pressing him to withdraw. Democrats need to gain at least six House seats to take control of the chamber and couldn’t risk the possibility of losing  a “safe seat.”

According to the Huffington Post, Gauthier was hospitalized last week after a suicide attempt involving an overdose of muscle relaxants. He said his refusal to accept his sexual orientation led to his rest stop hook-up.
Gauthier’s relapse came after 30 years of sobriety and an admitted suicide attempt. He announced he would not seek reelection in November 2012 because “it’s just too much,” and he needed to focus on his recovery.

Police say Gauthier admitted having oral sex with the unnamed boy on July 22 after he advertised on Craigslist for “no strings attached” sex. The police declined to charge him because the boy was older than 16, the legal age of consent, and no money was exchanged.

Gauthier apologized for the incident in a statement posted online by the Duluth News Tribune.

“I am sorry for the hurt this has caused my family, friends and my constituents. I know I made a mistake and am determined to make amends as best I can,” he said.

Gauthier said he is getting counseling. He said he also feels badly for the teen and wouldn’t talk specifically about the incident to protect the boy.

“I can change my behavior, but I cannot change the fact that I am a gay man, and have known this since my college days. I simply must act like a mature gay man would act, and not as the incident portrays me,” said Gauthier.

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One thought on “Gay Minnesota Politician Engaged in Oral Sex with a Teenager

  1. And the whole world is shocked that another politician was caught engaging in homosexual activity. /sarcasm

    Actually, I’m kinda surprised how well he’s handling it in terms of saying he needs to come to terms with things, work on his recovery, etc. I hope it goes well for him.

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